Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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PharmAssist is another CSR initiative from Pharmevo for the empowerment of Pharmacists, Hospital Pharmacy Services, Pharmaceutical Distributors & Retailers and other health care providers.  
The services include:

*  Pharmacovigilance (ADR Reporting) System*  Drug  & Poison Information Centre Pharmacovigilance (ADR Reporting) System

The system offers well integrated program of Pharmacovigilance to monitor and report the safety profile of drug products nationwide.

Drug & Poison Information Centre (DPIC) 0800-82222


DPIC provides reliable, authentic and accurate drug & poison related information to the medical fraternity and community at large.


Beneficiaries of the service


Physicians, Pharmacist, Nursing, Paramedical staff, other health care providers & the community could take benefit from this service.


Information by Experts:


All queries are answered by a qualified Pharmacist, trained and experienced in the same capacity. The information provided utilizes globally accredited electronic databases like Micromedix, Poisondex, reference books & Journals.


What we do


1) We have qualified Pharmacist to answer questions on Poison & drug adverse effects.

2) We employ best available, globally accredited electronic database like micromedix, Poisondex, reference books & Journals


Call us: 0800-82222


-If you need to know more about drugs

-If someone has been poisoned

-If some has been overdosed with drug.




The evidence-based resources of Micromedex® Solutions are used by clinicians to inform and educate care decisions with the goal to meaningfully improve patient outcomes. The industry standard for more than 40 years, Micromedex Solutions provide hospitals and healthcare providers with a single source of clinical information — from need-to-know drug, pediatric, disease, lab, and toxicology information to comprehensive resources for patient and consumer education. In addition it can be used for real-time clinical surveillance to proactively find and administer preventative care to high-risk patients to help prevent or mitigate Avoidable Drug Events, Hospital-Acquired Infections, and more.


POISINDEX links the ingredient and substance information directly to details to assist in the management of all toxic exposures, providing data on clinical effects, range of toxicity, and treatment protocols for exposure.
The system also delivers concise, essential toxicology data on a single screen to ensure the fastest access to vital information.



Help Line hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Email: pharmassist@pharmevo.biz







In case of grave/serious health issues we advise users/callers to immediately consult a qualified healthcare professional for diagnosis, treatment and answers to any of their queries. (Read More)