Friday, April 27, 2018
PharmEvo Worldwide


Though brief, PharmEvo owns a strong heritage of innovation that began in 1999 in Karachi when a group of one–of-a-kind people founded a pharmaceutical company that has changed the course of pharmaceutical history in Pakistan. Our journey through the history;


Year 1999;


An inspiring tale of a handful of people who dreamt to create an organization with a loving spirit that comes from the heart & enriches all they touch, customers, their employees and of course the society.


Foundation laid for a company no one knew would make such waves that would topple reigning giants in such a small period of time.


Our flagship products


nise NISE, Our first flagship product entered the market in year 2000 and made impressive inroads snatching a sizeable share from the competitor in its very first year of launch.

Lowplat–2003, The year that saw the emergence of one of the successful products in the history of Pakistan pharma industry, We feel proud to claim that since lowplat hit the market countless lives have been improved and saved.

 Ramipace, our another star product took the market by storm in 2004 and now is rated as one of the most prescribed products in its category.

Xplended, launched in 2006 & registered explosive growth to swiftly join the league of one of the fastest growing products in the market.

Lowplat Plus–2007, an unique combination of Aspirin and clopidogral that remains the hope for difficult to treat cardio vascular patients.

Orslim–2007, our anti-obesity drug that is helping people get rid of their extra baggage thus improving obesity’s pathological and cosmetic implications.

Avsar–2010, has already drew the attention of leading consultants.