Our CSR doctrine is underpinned by our values that guide our efforts to come up with novel & useful programs for the community.
This is gratifying that PharmEvo is recognized for its bold stance to trail the blaze in a direction that directly benefits the society thereby conforming to its slogan ‘Our dream a healthier society’.

PharmEvo believes in embracing complete concept of CSR as it casts its shadow on the social scene:
1. As a business entity, our principal role is to produce quality products by ensuring our competitive edge.
2. We also believe that it is important to perform in a manner consistent with all legal requirements as a responsible law-abiding corporate citizen.
3. We are a strong proponent that business should be run ethically. Ethical responsibilities represent those standards, norms & expectations that community regard as fair & just, thus safeguarding stakeholders’ moral rights.
4. Ethics remains our key driver. Our society is our responsibility & corporate world owes a lot to it. We affirm that community should be helped through initiating & assisting diverse activities; like providing education & financial assistance.

Following activities are running parallel to our commercial pursuits:
1. Learning Resource Centers
Learning Resource Centers established at Medical Institutions (Dow University of Health Sciences & King Edward Medical University) where computers and human resources are donated by PharmEvo to teach and enhance computer literacy of medical community.
2. PharmEvo regularly hosts SPSS and Research Methodology workshops to facilitate and help doctors in their research projects
3. Computer Kiosks
4. Revival of Reading habits
5. Assistance to philanthropic hospitals
And of course establishment of Career Counseling Center for assisting students in self assessments to handle the challenges of professional lives in a better way.