MedGuard - Good
Pharmacovigilance Practices

Our Dedication

PharmEvo is dedicated towards patient safety and minimizing the risk with therapeutics.

Significance of Pharmacovigilance: Monitoring is key aspect of successful safety management.

Pharmacovigilance is instrumental in helping to ensure patient safety for both newly released drugs and those that are well established in the market. When medicine is authorized for marketing, its safety and efficacy is limited to the data generated from clinical trials where patient selection criteria is applied and monitored closely. During clinical trials medicine is tested in relatively small number of patients and over limited duration of time. The identification of drug safety issues in patients with complex diseases and extensive comorbidities is therefore particularly challenging. After authorization medicine is marketed to large and diversified population which may lead to emergence of unknown adverse or side effects. Therefore it is necessary to monitor medicines throughout their use in health care practice.

Our Initiative

MedGuard – Good Pharmacovigilance Practices


Our Pharmacovigilance unit safety professionals are responsible for monitoring, identifying, analyzing and reporting potential safety risks associated with the use of our products.

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide safe and effective use of our products with transparency in exposing the benefits and risks of our products with minimizing the risk associated, working in complete accordance with local and international health authorities.
Safety of our products, medicine has already been established but there is always a chance of unknown adverse events. Hence require monitoring to generate safety signals which can be very useful for safe and effective prescribing pattern and product usage.

Our Objective

Improvement of patient care and safety in relation to the use of medicines with medical and paramedical interventions, clinical training in Pharmacovigilance and effective communication to the health care professionals.

Adverse drug reaction reporting at PharmEvo Pvt.Ltd.

It’s Easy to Report !

If you know the following 4 key points, you can report an Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR)!

Pharmacovigilance at PharmEvo Pvt.Ltd.

Other Communication Channels

You can communicate ADRs to us with the link provided above or other communication channels for adverse drug reporting used at PharmEvo are

It’s all about cooperation, responsibility, networking and effective reporting system.

Our dream is to build a healthier society

Pharmacovigilance at PharmEvo Pvt.Ltd.

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